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Vision Screening Training

Undetected and untreated vision problems in children, which if not diagnosed and treated before the age of seven, will result in children starting their academic careers not 100% ready to learn and at risk for permanent vision loss. Vision is the primary sense used for learning in the early years. Early detection and treatment of vision disorders are imperative to not only maximize a child’s visual potential, but will allow them to get the most out of their school years and take full advantage of any career path they choose.

The Prevent Blindness  Vision Screening Training and Certification Program was developed cooperatively by

Prevent Blindness, The Ohio Department of Health, and the National Center for Children’s Vision and Eye Health (National Center) and targets professionals serving children from 3 years old through 1st grade.

  The topics included in the training cover the following:

  • information on common eye problems in children 

  • how to perform all aspects of a vision screening

                                                (observation, distance visual acuity, stereopsis, and color deficiency)

  • referral criteria for all screening tests 

  • documentation of vision screening results 

  • the importance of follow up on referrals

  • educational resources 

Free vision screening equipment that has been approved by ODH and complies with ODH Vision Screening Requirements and Guidelines for Preschool and School-Aged Children, 2017 (ORC 3113.69) will be provided to professionals who successfully complete all aspects of the training which include module assessments

and hands-on demonstration of screening competency.

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