Eye health and safety is so important for all people at all ages, but especially for children. Finding and treating vision problems in the preschool years helps Ohio children enter school better equipped to learn and grow. All children should also have the benefit of vision health and safety education that can teach them how to protect their eyes from vision loss. At a very young age, when good habits are sometimes easier to form, children can begin to adopt healthy choices related to their eyes. By exploring the information on the page you can learn how to help your child keep their eyes healthy and safe…because you only get ONE PAIR and NO SPARE!


Here you will find free fact sheets available for download that address topics that relate specifically to children's vision. 

There are also foreign language fact sheets available in this section.



These additional resources include links to children’s vision care programs that provide free eye exams and glasses, sports safety gear, free eye patches for children diagnosed with amblyopia, and much more!



These short video clips will give you a better understanding of some of the most common vision problems that children experience. 




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