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Train The Trainer

PBO’s unique Train The Trainer (TTT) Program targets active, certified preschool vision screeners, and trains them to train others who will be doing vision screenings in their organization. Like our preschool vision screening training, TTT has been revised to meet the new standards published by the National Center for Children’s Vision and Eye Health and is approved by the Ohio Department of Health. 

The in-person portion of the course lasts 6 hours. Once completing the course, the participant must complete a homework assignment consisting of inserting their speaking notes into the PowerPoint training presentation which will be reviewed and approved by the instructor. Once you are a certified trainer, you will be able to provide quality trainings 3-year certifications to staff in your organization.


A potential participant in the TTT program needs to meet specific requirements before taking the course:

1. Participant must be a certified vision screener in the 5' VIP LEA and the Pass 2;

2. Participant must have been in charge of and conducted a minimum of 3 vision screening sessions;

3. Participant must have screened a minimum of 100 children using the 5' VIP LEA  and the Pass 2.

If you meet these requirements and are interested in a higher level of certification and have a need to provide children's vision screening trainings to new staff as well as staff who need to renew their certification, please email us at the link below so we can further discuss your needs and put you on our list to be notified for an upcoming TTT session. These sessions are generally held twice a year and are located in Columbus as a central setting in order to accommodate people coming from all areas of the state.


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