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Upon completion of the Performance Improvement Module, participants will receive FREE vision screening equipment (a $300+ value) and patient educational materials by contacting Prevent Blindness Ohio at 1.800.301.2020 x103 or at (Please be sure to check ‘My ABP Portfolio Log In’ to verify that Part 4 MOC Credit is needed to fulfill your certification requirements)


Vision Screening Performance Improvement Module includes:

• Approaches to screening, including a 10-minute online video tutorial,

• Systems for documenting results and tracking referrals, and

• Tools to assess practice improvement.


To access on


1. Select: My ABP Portfolio Log In

2. Select: My MOC Requirements

3. Select: Find Improvement in Practice Activities (Part 4)

4. Select: Find Online Improvement in Practice Modules

5. Select: American Board of Pediatrics as Activity Sponsor

6. Select: Improve Preschool Vision Screening PIM



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