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The Ohio Affiliate of Prevent Blindness has targeted “gap kids” for vision care services - - those are children whose families are without insurance benefits OR who are not eligible for government assistance OR those without social security numbers.  To qualify for the Prevent Blindness Children’s Vision Care Program, families must meet the current 200% Federal Poverty Guidelines and not have access to vision care benefits through any type of Medicaid or private insurance. 


This vision care program serves all children from birth to age 19.  (After age 19, individuals can access the Prevent Blindness Vision Care Outreach Program for adults).  In some instances the child must have a social security number or use their parent’s social security number to access the free vision care program.  If the child or their parent does not have a social security number, there are other options available for families to access the free vision care services for an eye exam and/or glasses.


Call 1-800-301-2020; Ext. 120, for more details on how to access free vision care services for your child.

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